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Pixelmator Photo (iPad)

Updated on: 05 August, 2021
Pixelmator Photo (iPad)
Pixelmator Photo (iPad) (Source: Pixelmator)

Only released in 2019, Pixelmator Photo has quickly become one of the best photo editing tools for the iPad. The user interface makes it look and feel more like an Apple-developed application. The included presets are great for quickly applying a series of edits to a photo and cover a wide range of styles. In many cases no further edits are required. There is some confusion on overlaps to Pixelmator Pro on the Mac and if (and how) they will merge both applications. A combined Pixelmator Pro/Photo on both the Mac and iPad would be a fantastic application. The low one-off cost is the icing on the cake and makes Pixelmator Photo highly recommended.


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Pixelmator Photo (iPad)

A relative newcomer having only been released in 2019, Pixelmator Photo has quickly become one of the best and most popular photo editing tools for the iPad. Building on the functionality from the original Pixelmator application, they have significantly improved the interface to offer a very clean and intuitive photo editing experience. The low one-off cost is very attractive compared to the subscription models for Adobe Lightroom or Darkroom.



Editing Tools
RAW Editing
Asset Management
Speed & Performance

  • Low one-off cost, no subscription required.
  • Very fast and fluid user interface, even on older iPads.
  • Clean interface works well on iPads of all sizes.
  • Included presets are a great starting edit.
  • Seamless integration with Apple Photos library.
  • Would be good to include the more advanced editing tools from Pixelmator Pro.
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Pixelmator Photo - Curves
Pixelmator Photo - Curves (Source: Pixelmator)

Pixelmator Photo - Presets
Pixelmator Photo - Presets (Source: Pixelmator)

Pixelmator Photo - ProRAW
Pixelmator Photo - ProRAW (Source: Pixelmator)

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