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Affinity Photo (Mac)

Updated on: 03 August, 2021
Affinity Photo (Mac)
Affinity Photo (Mac) (Source: Serif)

Affinity Photo was my first photo editor after deciding to supplement Apple Photos in my workflow. Since then, they have added a comprehensive set of features, introduced an iPad application, and even released a Windows version. The layer support is exceptionally good and on par with Pixelmator Pro. Whilst it does integrate into Apple Photos, allowing you to open a photo in Affinity Photo or jump to a specific Affinity Photo editing tool (i.e. Haze Removal, Retouch), the lack of a photo library is disappointing. It is often discussed in the Affinity support forums, and whilst there are rumours that it is in development, nothing has been announced. The learning curve can be quite steep and there is a distinct lack of high-quality tutorials. The low one-off cost is the icing on the cake and makes Affinity Photo highly recommended.


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Affinity Photo (Mac)

Affinity Photo has grown in leaps and bounds over the last few years, quickly becoming one of the most comprehensive and popular photo editing applications on the Mac and iPad. The lack of a photo library is often discussed in the support forums, and whilst there are rumours that it is in development, nothing has been announced. The low one-off cost is very attractive compared to the subscription models for Adobe Lightroom or Capture One.



Editing Tools
RAW Editing
Asset Management
Speed & Performance

  • Low one-off cost, no subscription required.
  • Layer support on par with Pixelmator Pro.
  • Feature parity between the Mac and iPad versions.
  • Tight integration with Affinity Designer and Affinity Publisher.
  • Includes comprehensive support for vector graphics allowing you to mix photo and vectors in a single image.
  • Integration into Apple Photos.
  • Lack of asset management or a photo library, more a standalone application.
  • Steep learning curve and lack of high-quality tutorials.
  • iPad application comes at extra cost.
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Affinity Photo - Assets
Affinity Photo - Assets (Source: Serif)

Affinity Photo - Curves
Affinity Photo - Curves (Source: Serif)

Affinity Photo - Haze Removal
Affinity Photo - Haze Removal (Source: Serif)

Affinity Photo - Selection
Affinity Photo - Selection (Source: Serif)

Affinity Photo - Focus Merge
Affinity Photo - Focus Merge (Source: Serif)

Affinity Photo - Layers
Affinity Photo - Layers (Source: Serif)

Affinity Photo - Raw
Affinity Photo - Raw (Source: Serif)

Affinity Photo - Blend Modes
Affinity Photo - Blend Modes (Source: Serif)

Affinity Photo - Liquify Tool
Affinity Photo - Liquify Tool (Source: Serif)

Affinity Photo - Panorama Tool
Affinity Photo - Panorama Tool (Source: Serif)

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