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Das Keyboard Back-to-School Sale - 15% Discount off 4C TKL and X50Q Mechanical Keyboards


Updated on: 03 August, 2021
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Das Keyboard Back-to-School Sale - 15% Discount off 4C TKL and X50Q Mechanical Keyboards
Image by Cornell Frühauf from Pixabay (Source: Pixabay)

Das Keyboard are running a back-to-school promotion and offering a 15% discount off the compact 4C TKL and the hybrid gaming and work X50Q RGB smart mechanical keyboards.


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Das keyboards are rarely on sale, so it is great to see them offering a 15% discount. We are a great fan on Das Keyboard mechanical keyboards and have written a few articles covering them.

Das Keyboard 4C TKL

The Das Keyboard 4C TKL is a fantastic little keyboard. In a smaller 87-key tenkeyless (TKL) layout than the 4 Professional, it features PBT keycaps, genuine Cherry MX Brown tactile key switches, and a 2-port USB hub. As with many Das keyboards, there is no backlight.

Das Keyboard 4C TKL Front

Das Keyboard 4C TKL (Source: Das Keyboard)

As only Cherry MX Brown tactile switches are available, it might not be as appealing as a gaming keyboard, where smoother linear switches are preferred.

Das Keyboard X50Q

The Das Keyboard X50Q combines features that both typists and gamers would enjoy. Unlike many other keyboards from Das Keyboard, it features full RGB backlighting. The construction, whilst having a plastic shell, does include an aluminium top panel for increased rigidity. Whislt not as solid as the 4 Professional, it does have a solid feel when typing and produces a nice deep-tone when typing. A soft palm rest is also included.

Das Keyboard teamed up with Omron in Japan to design the unique Gamma Zulu key switches. They have a soft tactile feel. The tactility is quite lite and feels more like linear switches. There seems to be a trend with tactile switches having such as soft tactile bump they feel more like scratchy linear switches. They have an activation life of 100 million key presses. They have an actuation of 1.5 mm, a travel of 3.5mm and actuation force of 45 g. This is comparable to Cherry MX Brown, Kailh Box Brown and Gateron Brown switches, with a similar tactile feel to the Gaterons. For gamers, the keyboard also includes a set of textured WASD keycaps that give a more tactile feel to these keys.

Das Keyboard X50Q Front

Das Keyboard X50Q (Source: Das Keyboard)

The included software allows you to fully program the keyboard, linking application alerts to specific keys and allowing macro functions to be written. For example, you can program a key to flash a specific colour when you recieve an email or to flash a key red if your CPU hits a specific threshold. There are also dedicated media controls. The only issue is the most people do not look at their keyboards often, so some of these features are somewhat redundant and a simple notification message may suffice.

Please note that this keyboard is only compatible with Microsoft Windows.


Das keyboards are rarely on sale, so it is great to see them offering a 15% discount.

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